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Welcome to SIAD Group

SIAD Group supports two service divisions, SIAD Construction and SIAD Studio. These two divisions are seamlessly integrated by the technology and service offerings of the SIAD Studio brand. We use “best in class” 3D laser scanning technology to survey any construction project. We offer the scanned data in a multitude of formats, from 3D models to 2D or 3D plans, facilitating the design and visualisation aspect of your project.


Our technology allows our construction team to expedite and transform building projects with greater speed and accuracy, with the benefit of eliminating unforeseen surprises. The result is industrial or commercial construction projects that are delivered on time, within budget and with the utmost professionalism.  

Our integrated and comprehensive products and services can best be described as lifecycle construction because we offer a product or service at every point of your construction journey. We truly support end-to-end solutions for any project from planning and design through to final construction.

Our business is built on legacy and trust, and we impart that same passion and legacy to every project – be it a new build, a refurbishment, or a measured survey. We build today and create tomorrow!

SIAD Group Company Vehicle

SIAD Construction are masters of all aspects of industrial and commercial building works. Our product lifecycle ranges from groundworks and refurbishments through to complete new build construction projects.

We also manage the finer details of any construction project – such as planning, design and structural surveys. SIAD Construction can make your project more cost effective and efficient with fewer surprises.

SIAD Construction
SIAD Studio

SIAD Studio capture assets through 3D laser scanning and measured building surveys, producing 2D or 3D CAD drawings and 3D building models. We also provide extended visualisation platforms including immersive virtual reality models.

Our accurate, fast and professional service makes us the brand of choice for those seeking comprehensive plans or models for their projects and assets. SIAD Studio’s product range truly unlocks the potential of any project by visualising the end at the beginning.

Meet The Team

A Project Portfolio of SIAD Group

Explore our portfolio showcasing our finest construction projects, exemplifying our commitment to quality, innovation, and expertise.

SIAD Group on Site

We value the relationships with our clients and love to build new connections!

See below for an example of clients we've work with so far.


SIAD Group are ISO 9001 Certified, CHAS and Constructionline Accredited.

Construction Line
ISO 9001

We don't offer shortcuts, but we do offer free quotes

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Testimonials Background

"Very happy with the overall model produced. Thanks to Kate and the SIAD Studio team for their hard work and for collaboratively working with and helping us achieve everything we needed to get out of the model for our project completion.

It's great to have the expertise and assistance available at the end of the phone throughout the whole project. It really has made the project easier and SIAD Group are pleasure to work with. Hopefully this can be the start of future opportunities with yourselves."

Buckingham Group Contracting

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SIAD Group are always keen to hear from potential clients about how we can assist with your future projects. If you would like to contact SIAD Group about your project requirements, or obtaining a quote, please use the contact details below or click here for the Contact Us page


01865 712627

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