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SIAD Studio deliver best-in-class measured building surveys and laser scanning in Oxford, London and across the UK. Our ability to transform survey data into 2D technical drawings and 3D building models make us your full-service partner in the construction, heritage and property industries.


With a commitment to providing comprehensive services to our commercial partners, SIAD Group launched SIAD Studio to maximise the value of our clients construction projects.


As projects evolved, it became clear to our clients that conducting an initial survey provided significant benefits. Simultaneously, there was a growing recognition and demand for 3D technology within the industry.


Catering to these early adopters of 3D measured surveys, and as a natural progression from 3D survey, SIAD Studio also developed into 3D building modelling and 3D visualisation.

SIAD Studio Site Survey
SIAD Studio Survey

Measured Building Survey and Laser Scanning in Oxford, London and the UK


Measured Building Survey, known as 3D laser scanning, provides you with data that is efficient, accurate and above all reduces risk. Oxford based, SIAD Studio has roots in the construction industry and have extended our product offerings to include specialist services such as 3D Point Cloud, Building Information Modelling (BIM), 2D or 3D building plans and visualisation services, including Virtual Reality integration and 3D Renders. We add value to the many industries we serve and our clients include project managers, curators of heritage sites, construction managers, interior designers and architects.

3D Laser Scanner
Meshed Point Cloud
Meshed Point Cloud
3D Render

How Does 3D Laser Scanning Work?

Today, there are a host of new technologies to transform a project or object into a digital version. SIAD Studio focuses on 3D laser scanning, which is a non-contact, highly accurate technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects via laser beams. Using a tripod mounted system, like a traditional survey device, laser scanners send out up to a million laser beams a second, obtaining a full 360° scan of the object.


Laser scanning allows buildings and assets to be captured in 3D quickly and efficiently, with the 3D laser scanner creating “point clouds” of data from the information captured. 

Once the 3D laser scanner has captured the 3D Point Cloud SIAD Studio can tailor your project specific products to suit your needs by offering the following services:

What We Laser Scan?

Laser Scanning can accurately capture data for the following facilities:

  • Heritage Sites

  • Historical and Listed Buildings

  • Commercial Properties, such as Offices and Retail

  • Industrial Buildings, such as Warehouses and Factories

  • Educational Establishments, such as Schools and Universities

  • Residential Properties, such as Houses and Apartments

  • Infrastructure, such as Bridges, Roads and Railways

  • Allotments, Farmland and External Landscapes

  • Engineering and Storage Facilities

  • Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals

Click here for examples of 3D Point Cloud captured by SIAD Studio.


Point Cloud can be used to generate a variety of digital representations. Below are some outputs that SIAD Studio can create from point cloud.

SIAD Studio have five distinct service offerings

Measured Building Survey
Measured Survey

The development of 3D surveying is becoming an important part of the documentation of projects. The progression of 3D technologies allows everyone to view any construction, architecture and historic site from all angles with just the click of a button.


Utilising 3D measured building surveys allows for the discovery and exploration of real-world assets online, either as 3D building models or 2D and 3D drawings.


By capturing the data using 3D laser scanning technology, with a high level of complexity from the outset, this gives us an opportunity to improve and add to the level of content and detail, without any further site visits. The ability to produce such a high level of precision can be particularly advantageous when working with complicated or irregular shaped buildings that would be a challenge to survey using a manual process. Dealing with a large heritage site, such as Blenheim Palace for example, we can capture an accurate record of the building’s measurements, condition and unique characteristics at a specific time in history.

Benefits of Measured Building Survey


  • No surprises! We can present the most accurate representation of the project in real time and project the data in a completed 3D format.


  • Speed and Accuracy. Completed in a fraction of the time and accurate to +/- 5mm, it’s the foundation of planning and managing any successful project.


  • Cost Effective. From the efficiency of the process, the elimination of surprises and the ability to scale your project, it makes a measured survey a sound commercial decision.


  • Scalable. From the initial measured survey, and using the 3D point cloud, we can produce 3D models, 2D and 3D plans, plus 3D virtual visualisation simulations – adding value for you at every juncture of your project.

Product Extension Example: To BIM
Utilising the ‘point cloud’ data collected from the 3D laser scanner, we can produce accurate 3D BIM models using AutoCAD or Building Information Modelling (BIM) software such as Autodesk Revit. The value of these product extensions from the initial survey are boundless.


Measured Building Survey
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