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Revitalising Brilliance: SIAD Group Transforms 24,000 sq.ft Warehouse

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Finished Project, showing the new External Cladding

In partnership with Crown Interiors and Savills, SIAD Group have reached a noteworthy achievement, successfully concluding an extensive renovation project for a 24,000 sqft warehouse located in Reading.

SIAD Group undertook a comprehensive transformation that included the removal of an existing asbestos roof. Our team then replaced it with an insulated roof, enhancing both safety and energy efficiency. Additionally, we enhanced the front elevation with sleek insulated cladding, turning the once standard distribution warehouse into a truly remarkable and inspiring space.

To ensure precision and accuracy during the building process, SIAD Studio's team conducted an extensive 3D survey of the warehouse. This survey provided scan data for producing detailed roof plans and elevations, which played a crucial role in the construction and design phase.

One of the most noteworthy achievements of this renovation is the significant improvement in energy efficiency. The warehouse, previously a low 'E' energy rating, now boasts an impressive 'B' rating. This upgrade was made possible by the implementation of a new insulated external envelope, ensuring better insulation and reduced energy consumption.

Finished Project showing off new External Cladding

The collaboration between SIAD Group, Crown Interiors, and Savills Building proved to be a successful partnership, delivering outstanding results for the warehouse refurbishment. The transformed space is now ready to meet the needs of modern businesses, offering improved energy efficiency and a fresh, updated appearance.

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